Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bannish Low Self Esteem Forever

Here is the simplest, surest and most effective remedy for any instances in which you are suffering from a lack of self worth or low self esteem.
Low Self Esteem - The Complete and Sufficient Solution

Shift your focus immediately from the perspective of "what can I get out of this situation" to "what can I contribute of value in this situation." Don't worry about your self doubt that says you have nothing to offer. Just have faith that if you are looking for it, your creative mind will supply you with some way to make a positive contribution. It does not need to be anything fancy, or of monetary value, or involve super creativity or a performance of any kind. It will simply be a gift coming out of your being fully present in the situation, whatever that is.

As soon as you shift your focus of attention in this way, you will feel an immediate relief from any low self esteem. This must be true, because low self esteem is always associated with the perspective of "what can I get" and is never associated with the perspective of "what can I give."

I have found that this method works without fail.

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