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Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study, Water filtration

The Cellular Matrix Study uses organic sulfur (methylsulfonylmethane) in a pure flake form, made from a lignin based natural source of DMSO. No fillers, anti-caking agents, or preservatives are added. It is a pure, uncontaminated form of organic sulfur in large white flakes that have no further processing. The Cellular Matrix Study does not use the “MSM” that is purchased in retail outlets or from other on-line sources.

...Our belief at the Cellular Matrix Study is that by far the most health-effective form is non-processed organic sulfur in it's naturally occurring flake (crystal) form....

Water filtration

After over two decades of research and testing at least eight systems, I have found the most effective water system for cost and health to be a combination of two things:

(a) a counter top or under-the-counter system with a good quality replaceable filter in the range of $125 to about $200 for the actual system. The replacement filters should be about $50 to $60 and last 5 – 6 months. One system that meets a high standard of filtering, with reasonably inexpensive filter replacements, and has repeatedly received quality standards awards is the Aquasana counter top system ( or .ca, they have a Canadian office) which delivers excellent quality water, with little environmental damage, no plastic enviro damage and is at least 80% - 90% less than the cost of bottled water. [I do not receive any advantage for this endorsement. There are other filter systems that are very similar. I mention this company to give you a place to start looking.] That's the first part. The other part of the combination is…

(b) treating this counter-top filtered water with Catalyst Altered Water concentrate (explained below).

Catalyst Altered Water—CAW

There are books that can explain exactly what Catalyst Altered Water is, which would require a short seminar on chemistry. Here it is briefly: A catalyst promotes a rapid change in its environment but is not itself affected.

Catalyst Altered Water is water that has been permanently altered at a molecular level, so the water molecules are in very long water molecule chains and not the usual molecular structure of molecule dyads. Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) is water of long-chain water molecules, estimated to be upwards of 100,000 molecules in a “water chain”. Within these long molecules, there are particles called micelles. A micelle affects the electron make-up of water and allows (a) the long chains of molecules, (b) the establishment of a high, stable pH level above 10.5 and (c), allows the CAW to act as an excellent anti-oxidant—possibly one of the best anti-oxidants available. [An anti-oxidant neutralizes the free radical molecules that are harmful to cellular development.]

There are two types of Catalyst Altered Water, dark and clear. The clear Catalyst Altered Water is “straight” CAW. The dark CAW has elemental bio-available mineral nutrients added to it. Either the clear or the dark Catalyst Altered Water is excellent for personal health. The dark CAW facilitates bio-available trace-mineral replacement and is slightly more expensive.

Catalyst Altered Water has a high, stable pH level. As a concentrate, dark CAW has a pH level of 12.34 and mixed has a pH of 10.79. The clear CAW concentrate has a pH level of 12.71 and a mixed pH level of 10.87. [Figures are +/- 2% when mixed with distilled water at pH 7.84 at the recommended ratio of (measured) 1 oz concentrate clear or 2 oz concentrate dark per 1 US gallon.] This high, stable pH level has a strong prohibitive effect on bacteria and viruses.

Anti-oxidant Properties: The electron makeup of the long CAW molecule chains acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that stabilizes free radicals without the CAW becoming a free radical itself. That's what a “catalyst” does—promotes rapid change in its environment but is not itself affected. Catalyst Altered Water, because of the abundance of electrons, facilitates the flow of body energy, which has a significantly positive effect on body-energy work (much more than drinking “ordinary” water).

One of the little understood properties of Catalyst Altered Water is, as it exists at a molecular level (long molecule chains), it closely resembles the fluid make up of cytoplasm, the body's intercellular fluid. This more easily facilitates the rapid replacement of intercellular fluid and the repair of cellular structure.

The principle chemical reactions that enable life are water-based. Because of the elemental components and biological make up of our bodies, in fact of all living things, without going into the details of the chemistry, CAW greatly improves water's efficiency in all body processes. It acts as an influential healing agent in raising the body's pH level, enables body energy transmissions, is a powerful anti-oxidant, transports nutrients across cell membranes, and promotes rapid cell repair.

Burns and CAW: One of the benefits of Catalyst Altered Water is it's amazing effect on healing burns. It appears that because of the molecular propertues of CAW it can act something like a "second skin". When it is sprayed repeatedly on a skin burn pain goes away and healing is often scar-free. The book Aqua Vitae has more information about this. Fill a clean atomizer spray bottle with the CAW-neutralized water (not the concentrate, the mixture). Spray the burned areas lightly every thirty to forty-five (30 – 45) minutes so the burned areas are damp/wet. Don't dry it off, let it air-dry itself, and spray again in 30 – 45 minutes. Do this until the burn is healed.

After purchasing Catalyst Altered Water concentrate, preparing catalyst altered water for consumption is as follows:

1. put one (1) ounce of CAW clear concentrate (or) two (2) ounces of CAW dark concentrate—one or the other not both—in an empty, clean 4 liter jug (glass or plastic, preferably plastic);
2. fill the 4 liter jug with filtered, chlorine-free water; and,
3. let stand for thirty minutes

This creates a permanently altered, high pH catalyst altered water for consumption and cooking.

Consumption of CAW (the diluted mixture not the concentrate)

One glass (10 oz) the first day, then increase to two (2) 10 oz glasses the second day. After the second day, drink as much as you want, but the recommended minimum amount would be at least two large glasses over a day. Personally, I drink at least two liters a day of the Catalyst Altered Water mixture and have since 1986—well over twenty years.

During the first few days you may experience mild body discomfort as your body adjusts to a healthier water diet. Use it for cooking and drinking. It is wonderful for plants, gardens and pets. The book Aqua Vitae is about Catalyst Altered Water. For information:

Purchasing CAW

Catalyst Altered Water concentrate is available to the public through area wholesalers. As far as I know it is not available “retail”. It is NOT sold in a pyramid scheme. CAW is purchased directly from Richard Clark or the British Columbia wholesale distributor, or an authorized distributor in your area. If you cannot find a distributor in your area contact Richard Clark (at 604-875-9311).

CAW concentrate is usually sold by the gallon, although smaller volumes are available. The cost, through the BC distributor, is CAD $123 per gallon of clear CAW concentrate and CAD $83 per gallon of dark CAW, plus shipping (price is subject to change). Different distributors have different pricing. The dark is a little more expensive because you use two ounces instead of one for each gallon of treated water. One gallon of clear CAW concentrate should last one person, on a high water intake of drinking and cooking, about six months.
If you are trapped in a cage of turmoil, illness, and fear,
the door to healing always opens from the inside.
If someone wanted to become part of the the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study, how would they proceed?

Someone interested in becoming part of our Study need only contact us. We supply the Organic Sulfur and follow what is experienced by those taking sulfur twice a day, along with digital photos of their face. Ours is an observational study, not double blind, we believe that how someone feels is valuable information. The magnified comparisons of the photos of the matrix of their cells over time allows us to see if cellular regeneration is occurring to support what they say they have experienced.

Patrick McGean
Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project


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Marketing Sustainability

Merging of local markets and mobile technology are the next frontier. Follow me & you'll be on the cutting edge.

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Bankers; "Beltway Royalty"

Only in the beltway. Not surprised at the number of lawmaker sellouts to the big banks who supported their election campaign. We need reform(or a revolution), it just ain't right.

According to Sen. Dick Durbin, the banks "are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place."

Let's start with bankruptcy reform. The banks scored a lopsided victory on Thursday when the Senate rejected an amendment that would have allowed homeowners facing foreclosure to renegotiate their mortgages under the guidance of a bankruptcy judge. The measure would have helped 1.7 million homeowners keep their houses, and preserved an additional $300 billion in home equity.

Twelve Democrats sided with the banks -- Max Baucus, Michael Bennet, Robert Byrd, Tom Carper, Byron Dorgan, Tim Johnson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Arlen Specter, and Jon Tester -- as did every Republican who voted.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prill Water; Better, cheaper, thinner, purer

Everyone should own some and put in their survival kit if nothing else
years ago Jim Carter invented a marvelous inexpensive product when
he created Prill beads that purify and energize water. These beads
are created from ordinary magnesium oxide prills by applying a proprietary
bioresonance process. The Prills were originally developed for clean
up of nuclear reactor waste water.
Prill water will not permit lower life forms such as
bacteria and fungi to survive but does support the growth of algae.
water placed in contact with Prill beads undergoes a remarkable thinning.
The resulting liquid takes on the characteristics of “Dew” which is
very different from common water. Skin readily absorbs dew but repels
common water.
The dew-like Prill water is readily used by plants and persons to
create the complex essentials of life. The living process in plants
changes common water into dew that is the liquid found in fruit and
seeds or other plant cells.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Bonuses: Bring on the Lawyers

Liddy needs to be removed. No more fat cat jobs; the same justice that has been served on working America.
Rome is burning. Obama needs to make a stand. Apparently, Geithner and Libby could not
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Liddy recently wrote a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner saying the bonuses must be paid to the AIG executives because, otherwise, their morale might suffer.

“We cannot attract and retain the best and the brightest talent to lead and staff the AIG businesses — which are now being operated principally on behalf of American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury,” Liddy wrote.

he best and the brightest? Is this guy serious? As of Sunday, AIG stock had gone down 99 percent over the past year because of these geniuses. But we have to worry they might quit and go elsewhere?

Liddy is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing Wednesday. Actually, I would feel better if he were going on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” That guy really knows how to interrogate.

There are more than 1.14 million lawyers in America.
And believe me, we can find a lawyer to say we don’t have to pay these bonuses.
George on AIG Bonus Blunder
Taking Bailout Bucks Back
Grassley: AIG execs should commit suicide
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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Some types of diuretics (water pills) cause the body to excrete both magnesium and potassium...often prescribed for HBP(high blood pressure).
arrhythmia ...another symptom...Nurse indicate Mom had this.
vertigo... Mom has this... ...another symptom
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sad truth is 1 out of 50,000 young adults will fall victim to Sudden Death.
is the most under-recognized electrolyte disorder in the U.S.
Dr. Mildred
Seelig, one of the country's leading authorities on magnesium suggests that
80%-90% of the population is deficient is magnesium
mineral imbalances
interfere with the heart's normal nerve function.
Dr. Brodsky states
that arrhythmia therapy should focus on replenishing two key minerals: potassium
and magnesium.
doctors still don't realize how important a role this mineral can play in some
heart patients.
deficiency can be induced by the very drugs meant to help heart problems
Some types of diuretics (water pills) cause the body to excrete both magnesium
and potassium
Standard" and the most accurate test is the RBC Minerals or more commonly
called Elemental Analysis in Packed Erythrocytes.
back and
neck pain, muscle spasms
arrhythmia, fatigue
vertigo, migraines.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Huckabee Jokes About Assassinating Obama

The religious right(Huckabee) has the same extreme thinking as the neocons pushing the New World Order and destroying American democracy.
To prove a point, a comment from this clip on YouTube...
"lol I was at that annual meeting when that occured, it was funny as hell. but seriously no more bashing our savior barry obama "
...funny as hell?
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Hardball: Huckabee Jokes About Assassinating Obama 5-15-08

Unbelievable, Mike Huckabee at an NRA Meeting Jokes about Killing Our Future President. Disgusting.
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