Friday, May 1, 2009

Bankers; "Beltway Royalty"

Only in the beltway. Not surprised at the number of lawmaker sellouts to the big banks who supported their election campaign. We need reform(or a revolution), it just ain't right.

According to Sen. Dick Durbin, the banks "are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place."

Let's start with bankruptcy reform. The banks scored a lopsided victory on Thursday when the Senate rejected an amendment that would have allowed homeowners facing foreclosure to renegotiate their mortgages under the guidance of a bankruptcy judge. The measure would have helped 1.7 million homeowners keep their houses, and preserved an additional $300 billion in home equity.

Twelve Democrats sided with the banks -- Max Baucus, Michael Bennet, Robert Byrd, Tom Carper, Byron Dorgan, Tim Johnson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, Arlen Specter, and Jon Tester -- as did every Republican who voted.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prill Water; Better, cheaper, thinner, purer

Everyone should own some and put in their survival kit if nothing else
years ago Jim Carter invented a marvelous inexpensive product when
he created Prill beads that purify and energize water. These beads
are created from ordinary magnesium oxide prills by applying a proprietary
bioresonance process. The Prills were originally developed for clean
up of nuclear reactor waste water.
Prill water will not permit lower life forms such as
bacteria and fungi to survive but does support the growth of algae.
water placed in contact with Prill beads undergoes a remarkable thinning.
The resulting liquid takes on the characteristics of “Dew” which is
very different from common water. Skin readily absorbs dew but repels
common water.
The dew-like Prill water is readily used by plants and persons to
create the complex essentials of life. The living process in plants
changes common water into dew that is the liquid found in fruit and
seeds or other plant cells.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Bonuses: Bring on the Lawyers

Liddy needs to be removed. No more fat cat jobs; the same justice that has been served on working America.
Rome is burning. Obama needs to make a stand. Apparently, Geithner and Libby could not
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Liddy recently wrote a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner saying the bonuses must be paid to the AIG executives because, otherwise, their morale might suffer.

“We cannot attract and retain the best and the brightest talent to lead and staff the AIG businesses — which are now being operated principally on behalf of American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury,” Liddy wrote.

he best and the brightest? Is this guy serious? As of Sunday, AIG stock had gone down 99 percent over the past year because of these geniuses. But we have to worry they might quit and go elsewhere?

Liddy is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing Wednesday. Actually, I would feel better if he were going on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” That guy really knows how to interrogate.

There are more than 1.14 million lawyers in America.
And believe me, we can find a lawyer to say we don’t have to pay these bonuses.
George on AIG Bonus Blunder
Taking Bailout Bucks Back
Grassley: AIG execs should commit suicide
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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Some types of diuretics (water pills) cause the body to excrete both magnesium and potassium...often prescribed for HBP(high blood pressure).
arrhythmia ...another symptom...Nurse indicate Mom had this.
vertigo... Mom has this... ...another symptom
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sad truth is 1 out of 50,000 young adults will fall victim to Sudden Death.
is the most under-recognized electrolyte disorder in the U.S.
Dr. Mildred
Seelig, one of the country's leading authorities on magnesium suggests that
80%-90% of the population is deficient is magnesium
mineral imbalances
interfere with the heart's normal nerve function.
Dr. Brodsky states
that arrhythmia therapy should focus on replenishing two key minerals: potassium
and magnesium.
doctors still don't realize how important a role this mineral can play in some
heart patients.
deficiency can be induced by the very drugs meant to help heart problems
Some types of diuretics (water pills) cause the body to excrete both magnesium
and potassium
Standard" and the most accurate test is the RBC Minerals or more commonly
called Elemental Analysis in Packed Erythrocytes.
back and
neck pain, muscle spasms
arrhythmia, fatigue
vertigo, migraines.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Huckabee Jokes About Assassinating Obama

The religious right(Huckabee) has the same extreme thinking as the neocons pushing the New World Order and destroying American democracy.
To prove a point, a comment from this clip on YouTube...
"lol I was at that annual meeting when that occured, it was funny as hell. but seriously no more bashing our savior barry obama "
...funny as hell?
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Hardball: Huckabee Jokes About Assassinating Obama 5-15-08

Unbelievable, Mike Huckabee at an NRA Meeting Jokes about Killing Our Future President. Disgusting.
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Liz Trotta apologizes for Obama assassination joke

If this was the Cheney /Bush/neocon regime and their 'boy' had been threatened Fox would be severely reprimanded. The neocons and Fox are still a threat to national sovereignty...a huge one.
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Liz Trotta apologizes for Obama assassination joke

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iodine to Support Skin Damage

It's old fashion, but it still works.
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"I use tincture of iodine (everyday) on skin ulcers which refuse to heal. Sometimes I apply iodine 2 to 3 times a day. I never miss a day when treating squamous cell carcinoma. The area being treated by the tincture of iodine often becomes very sensitive or itchy...don't discontinue the iodine...keep applying iodine on the ulcer. The itchy skin will scab's just the healing process. Scrape off the skin if it again develops a white flaky patch or a brown scab...then, apply more iodine. Use the iodine for at least one to two months until the skin ulcer has completely disappeared. Then, use Retin-A cream to complete the skin rejuvenation process. Use Raw Organic Palm Fruit Oil along with the iodine to promote deep healing and also use Raw Organic Palm Fruit Oil along with sun block to prevent future skin damage. T
I feel it necessary to add the Lugol's Iodine daily to my drinking water."
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Financial Bailout was a setup

Transfer of wealth to top 1% has brought back the ruling class, just as in third world countries. The rest are on the way to peasantdom
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Now we have another ultimate insider, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the former chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group having his former company to be among the biggest beneficiaries of a $700 billion US bailout. We got Paulson's four pages of instructions for the bailout, which resulted in his chums getting huge dividends and spa vacations financed by the middle- and lower-class US citizens for allowing their businesses to fail!

In addition to giving Rove an opening to make the above lie, the GOP had another pretense ready for delivery. The GOP and McCain nonsensically pledged that Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae caused the crisis and that these entities were solely developed by the Democrats.

The GOP is all about duplicity. Karl must have read about Hitler's Big Lie concept and adopted it completely for his boy W.
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Yes, the bailout has too many shared characteristics with the Iraq war.
there are small oligarchies whose members possess all of the riches -- similar to our top 1%. 
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Paying the price for eight years of Bush

Less than 7% of those polled consider his presidency a success. One of, if not the worst president in history!
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onservative assumptions, we calculate that the bill for Bush-era excess—the total new debt combined with the total new accrued obligations— amounts to $10.35 trillion. This legacy will have long-term consequences for America’s prosperity, but it also will weigh heavily and immediately on the Obama Administration, which will need to spend money fast to get the economy moving agai

Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes: The $10 trillion hangover ... Paying the price for eight years of Bush

[Linda J. Bilmes, a lecturer in public finance at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, is a former assistant secretary for administration, management, and budget in the U.S. Department of Commerce
Nonetheless, the outgoing administration has made a series of unwise economic choices that together will add up to a burdensome legacy.
When George W. Bush took office, he inherited a budget surplus of $128 billion and a bright fiscal future.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Optimize Your Health

4. Syclovir
Made from plankton, syclovir destroys the candida by doing damage to the cell walls. It also absorbs toxins as well as kills candida.
...a new protocol?
Optimize Your Health
What can be used to control yeast/candida?
There are many things that can be used to control candida/yeast.
Using a combination of two or more of the following things can increase the success of your candida control program.
NSI Candida Yeast Management
Herbs: Pau D' Arco, Garlic, Caprylic Acid, grapefruit seed extract.
3. Pro-biotics (price varies by quality)
4. Syclovir
Made from plankton, syclovir destroys the candida by doing damage to the cell walls.  It also absorbs toxins as well as kills candida. 
Colloidal or Ionic Silver Solution
Low-carb diet
Micro-current therapy-- zapping
Mercury filling removal.
(Mercury is a dangerous neuro-toxin.  Fetal damage may occur in the presence of mercury.  DO NOT have ANY dental work done on existing metal fillings right before, or during pregnancy, or while breasfeeding
Mercury Detox/chelation.
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Glucose levels

Is your fasting glucose levels too high?
from page 16, January 2004 issue of Life Extension magazine
 Throughout this section on "Killer Sugars", I have acted as if we all knew what our blood sugar was supposed to be. You have been told by your doctor that the range was "65 to 109 mg/dL". Life Extension magazine editor William Faloon presents a powerful case that such reference numbers are pure garbage. He presents his point with the observation that the pancreas, the body's main blood glucose level regulator, stops secreting insulin when glucose levels drop below 83 mg/dL, this data having been published in HARRISON'S PRINCIPLES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, Thirteenth Edition, McGraw Hill, 1994, pages 2001 - 2004. Faloon's point is that "the pancreas thinks glucose levels should be no higher than 83 mg/dL and certainly not as high as physicians say to be "normal", which is a reference range of "what is observed" in our sick population, and not what it would be in a healthy population.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MIld Silver Proteins

This is not the same as colliodal silver.
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Clinical Use Report Of MSP
Dr. Joseph Cardot from Colorado

Researchers have been warning the medical
establishment for years that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics could
they warned, would create a "post antibiotic world" where common,
as well as uncommon, infections would quickly escalate into fatal illnesses.

The warning have been ignored; the result is that we are - right
now - facing a major threat to human life from formerly treatable infectious

Mild Silver Protein (MSP) may be an answer
to the dilemma we are facing

SystemicCandida Albicans is successfully treated
with MSP. It is so effective we must start with small doses to controlHerxheimer

Staph and other infections in the mouth(Gingivitis)
have dramatically improved with MSP therapy.

MSP is so effective in treating gum diseases (Gingivitis) that,
in my opinion, if widely utilized in the population, it could eradicate
gum disease completely.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Dennis Richards and MMS

MMSis in viogue
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Anything that reduces candida will reduce inflammatory disease throughout the body. This is, in itself, no miracle, as other things can reduce candida also. However, reducing candida throughout the tissues of the body is how MMS can reduce cancer, as candida is the food that cancer grows on.

This stuff pretty much cured my UC (Ulcerative Colitis). I was on MMS for about two months, couldn't take the taste anymore so I stopped. I have been eating just about anything (including milk) for about a month and have had almost no problems at all.
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Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS

Note that liver and kidney flushes are still necessary MMS has killed pathogens to flush toxins. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution.
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Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS
Leaky gut is a real issue for many candida sufferers. Some believe that leaky gut is the cause of candida and should be treated before candida. I disagree. I believe canidda (and parasites) is the main cause of leaky gut. There could be other causes too (like use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine). But if you have candida, candida is the mostly likely cause. The mechanism of cause-effect: candida (and parasites) ==> toxic intestines ==> intestinal inflammation ==> leaky gut

Eradicating candida and eliminating inflammation in the intestines are the key to heal leaky gut. To help leaky gut heal faster, you may take glutamine and butter oil. Trying to heal leaky gut without getting rid of candida can not get you very far.

MMS kills both candida and parasites in the intestines ==> eliminate toxicity ==> reduce inflammation ==> leaky gut has a chance to heal.

I believe liver flush and kidney cleanse will be beneficia
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fungus, Candida and Antibiotics

Use of antibiotics without probiotics such as acidopholous, opens the door for candida and ultimately many deadly diseases ! You 've been warned!
Antibiotics Kill Your Body's Good Bacteria, Too, Leading to Serious Health Risks

by Doug Kaufmann

“It is ironic that this humbled fungus, hailed as a benefactor of mankind, may by its very success prove to be a deciding factor in the decline of the present civilization.”

-Dr. John I. Pitt, The Genus Penicillum, Academic Press, 1979
The information that follows is a two-part article taken directly from Doug Kaufmann and Dave Holland, MD's new book, "The Fungus Link, Volume 2." This book can be ordered at
Simply put, antibiotics are poisons that are used to kill. Only licensed physicians can prescribe them.
ungus and human disease. This chapter addresses the possibility that antibiotics may help fun

However, every time you swallow antibiotics, you kill the beneficial bacteria within your intestines. When you do so, you upset the delicate balance of your intestinal terrain. Yeasts grow unchecked into large colonies and take over, in a condition called dysbiosis.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vitamin E, Vioxx, and Codex

Go a back a few years, when Vioxx was killing tens of thousands amid Big Pharma's denials.
it was dismissed by the authors as an anomaly (which makes you wonder why they didn't just dismiss the entire study as an anomaly.] - That is funny!
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Vitamin E, Vioxx, and Codex

Well, just when you think we're done with Vitamin E, another study appears attacking the poor vitamin isolate. This study ran 10 years and was designed to evaluate the benefit of low dose aspirin and/or Vitamin E on cardiovascular disease. To read the press reports on the study, you'd think it was the final nail in Vitamin E's coffin.

  • And finally, most interesting of all, as reported by John Fauber in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Women in the study who took 600 international units of vitamin E every other day saw no statistically significant reduction in heart attacks or strokes. But when researchers looked at all heart-related deaths, which included sudden cardiac death, they found a 24 percent reduction." [Isn't it curious that fact did not seem to make it into any other press release on the study. Actually, it was dismissed by the authors as an anomaly (which makes you wonder why they didn't just dismiss the entire study as an anomaly.]
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    Friday, January 2, 2009

    Root Canal dangers

    Dr Mercola speaks on root canal dangers.
    "Research has demonstrated that 100% of all root canals result in residual infection due to the imperfect seal that allows bacteria to penetrate. The toxins given off by these bacteria are more toxic than mercury. These toxins can cause systemic diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus, and nervous and endocrine systems." ~Dr. Edward Arana, D.D.S.
    "Root canals are a zillion times worse than mercury fillings." ~Dr. Hal Huggins
    There is no such thing as a sterile root canal. During a root canal, the main canal is filled and possibly some of the small side canals, but the other smaller canal-like structures in teeth called dentinal tubules are too tiny to be filled during treatment and these tubules become home to bacteria instead. Since there are millions of these tubules there is room for enough bacteria to challenge the immune system. The waste products from these nasty germs include some very toxic substances called thio-ethers, and your body has to deal with these toxins 24 hours a day.
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    Thursday, January 1, 2009

    Dentists; who can You Trust

    Mercury should not be ingested into the human body in any way.
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    Dental industry gets an earful on mercury

    WASHINGTON (AP) - People trust dentists with their health. Some members of Congress are more skeptical.

    The dental industry, asked to testify Tuesday about pollution from mercury in tooth fillings, found itself under attack from lawmakers who blame mercury for everything from autism in children to skin discoloration.

    The American Dental Association, before its spokesman testified, faced deeply personal diatribes from Reps. Dan Burton, R-Ind., and Diane E. Watson, D-Calif.

    "Mercury should not be ingested into the human body in any way," he said.

    Last month, the government warned for the first time that silver dental fillings and the mercury they contain may pose a safety concern for pregnant women and young children. The Food and Drug Administration posted the precaution on its Web site to settle a lawsuit.

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