Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Short Politics snd the Sporting Midget

Her first date with Verne--famous for playing midget clone
versions of baddie Dr Evil in the smash Austin Powers movies--was a
romantic dinner at seafood restaurant The Lobster overlooking the
Pacific in Santa Monica.

Ranae recalled: "Verne told me not to reach down and hold his
hand when we walked in as he didn't want it to look like a child out
with his mum.

"When we got to the table he'd fixed for the restaurant to pile
three thick phone books on the seat so he could be on the same level as
me. Once he'd sat down it was just like having dinner with a
normal-sized man.

"We laughed all night and I noticed what amazing eyes Verne had. By the end of the meal I was smitten.

On the first time they had sex:

"It was two weeks before we finally had sex, at his place.
I was so nervous I wanted it over and done with--in case there was no
chemistry or it just didn't work because of his size.
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