Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens , Congress, Pettitte and "misremembers"

Said Pettitte: "I have to tell you all the truth . . . And one day I
have to give an account to God and not to nobody else of what I've done
in my life. And that's why I've said and shared the stuff . . . that I
wouldn't like to share with y'all."

Pettitte said he told his wife, Laura, about the
conversation with Clemens soon after it happened at Clemens' gym in
Memorial, Texas. In a separate affidavit, Laura Pettitte confirmed that
her husband had told her about his talk with Clemens.

Cummings warned Clemens repeatedly during his
questioning about Pettitte's deposition, saying "You understand you're
under oath? You understand what that means?"

Clemens said he did.

When asked if Pettitte's recollection was correct, Clemens said firmly, "It is not."

Throughout the questioning, Clemens said several times that Pettitte "misremembers."

We 're talking HGH, steroids, roids folks.

Clemens to make HALL OF SHAME!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WR Booker of Dolphins available

POSTED 4:16 p.m. EST, February 11, 2008


The Miami Dolphins have cut quarterback Trent Green and eight other players in the first major personnel move of the new Bill Parcells-led front office regime.

The other veterans who had their contracts terminated were wide receiver Marty Booker, tackle L.J. Shelton and defensive tackle Keith Traylor. The team also waived tackle Anthony Alabi, defensive tackle Anthony Bryant, tackle Marion Dukes, defensive tackle Marquay Love, and tackle Joe Toledo.

Green's tenure in Miami ends eight months after the Dolphins sent a fifth-round draft pick to the Chiefs in one of the NFL off-season's most highly anticipated moves. Green started five games before a severe concussion ended his season. It is not yet known whether that concussion also ended his career.

The 38-year-old Traylor may also be finished. Traylor has had a long, impressive career, with stops in Denver, Los Angeles (a brief stint with the Raiders), Green Bay, Kansas City, Denver again, Chicago and New England before signing with the Dolphins. But he missed the final game of the 2007 season when he was suspended by former head coach Cam Cameron, and old, past-their-prime veterans who have verbal altercations with their coaches aren't the types of players Parcells wants in Miami.

The 31-year-old Booker led the team with 50 catches and 556 yards in 2007. His departure means that, for now anyway, 2007 first-round pick Ted Ginn is the Dolphins' No. 1 receiver.

"This is never easy, especially since all of these players worked hard during their tenure here," Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland said in a team statement. "In particular, in the case of each of the veterans, it’s especially difficult to release players who have been productive and valued members of the organization. However, we feel these decisions are in the best interest of the team."

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spygate , Act 2 Emerges

Filming of Rams walk through practice before the Super Bowl by a Patriots video staffer may get Belichick a 1 year suspension . It seems , the Patriots really do stink.
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Flash back to September. After the league made its strange decision to destroy the materials, then refused to say what they contained, several media figures, including me, did this Journalism 101 exercise: Current scandal involves current taping by the Patriots. Are there any former Patriots video officials from New England's Super Bowl runs? That led to a former New England scout and video department official named Matt Walsh, who now lives in Hawaii. Simultaneously, the NFL grapevine was alive with rumors -- caution, rumors -- that the Patriots were guilty not just of taping sidelines during games but rather of much more serious transgressions. The primary rumor, which was reported Saturday by the Boston Herald, was that the Patriots secretly taped the St. Louis Rams' private walk-through before Super Bowl XXXVI, that the Pats knew some of the Rams' plays and formations in advance.

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Patriots suck, stink,...Biggest Chokers Ever.

The 18-0 Patriots lose on the biggest stage to a wild card team. They are the biggest Chokers ever!


With a pregame show chock full of important information about the Super Bowl and the teams playing in it, FOX has treated us to this gem, from Pats safety Rodney Harrison:

"As a kid growing up, my brother named me 'Dootie,' because I used to have really bad gas. Pretty, pretty stinky."


Folks, we like laughing about farts as much as anyone. But when the Super Bowl pregame is using anecdotes regarding boyhood flatulence in order to fill up four hours, it might be evidence that the show is a couple of hours too long.

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Giants Biggest Super Bowl Play

ACTUALLY happened before the game, when they secured their final walk through practice at Arizona from the NE Spy video tapers! :haha:

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