Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Michael Clayton a Bust for Bucs

Michael Clayton, after a great rookie year in 2004 has steadily declined and officialy can be declared a bust. Presently, his 2 catches for 23 yards has him ranked 200 in the league, and currently 6th on the Bucs squad. Makes you wonder why they cut Chas Gessner and are not playing second year player Maurice Stovall. The Bucs offensive 'guru' has called 3 end arounds for him which netted less than 5 yards. He's painfully slow. Two end arounds to Stovall last year netted 29 yards. Even Mark Jones, the kick returner deserves more time at wide receiver.

NFL Stats: by Player Category

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Hookup

Yes, Tom has gone deep with the Brazilian sex kitten and Victoria Secret supermodel. She is no dumb blonde; reported to be worth $150 million in U.S.D.

Here's a video of the fox working. Drooling on my keyboard.

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~Neo Riders

Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNabb, black and white

Okay, this is funny. Remember back a couple of years ago when right wing extremist neo-conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh made some racially insensitive comments. DMac pretty much ignored it, but I suspect he has a resentment. It should be against Limbaugh and his ilk; they preach to the lowest common denominator (LCD) of human kind. Unity of America is not their belief; more like divide and conquer. It's a war concept that is oft used in politics as well. Take A. Coulter, Limbaugh and a few others of the neo conservative tools, shake 'em up and you still got shit. They do not represent America, white or black; green or yellow.
The vast majority of football fans I believe like Donovan McNabb (DMac), so Donovan, please don't use the race card. It was Halfrican American (to quote Limbaugh) Bryant Gumble (who BTW is married to a white) who asked the leading question that was built on a prejudicial premise. Gumble is a tool looking to create a controversial story; that's what media folks like him do. :lol:

I was watching a sports channel and James Brown interviewed him and DMac wouldn't back off his stance.

Here's the deal, Donovan. Philly probably cut Garcia loose in part to show their faith in DMac. Many no doubt wish they still had him, esp. with your tendency to get injured. Philly is 0-2 and a very tough demanding sports town. Simple Donovan, you and your team suck right now. Period. End of story. Fix it. You might begin Mr. Campbell soup boy, by backing off your ridiculous assertion. Do it for yourself dude. Or do you think that Michael Vick does not deserve criticism?

You can follow the discussion or join in here at http://www.nfcsouth.net Here's a direct link to the thread.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NFL , Belichick , and Patriots

The situation with the National Football League is a lot worse than people realize, and the only one who seems to grasp this fully is commissioner Roger Goodell. You don't issue emergency orders backed by threats on Sunday morning of a game day, as Goodell just did regarding the New England Patriots' files of cheating information, unless the situation is a lot worse than people realize.

Belichick as Nixon? Greg Easterbrook spins a compelling story of 'The Patriot Act'
Frankly, he has some good points. If you scroll down, there are some entertaining cheerleader pictures if this is too heavy. Most people would rather stay in Denial.

Also, DJ Gallo, you know him from the Sports Pickle, posted some funny links to pictures on this popular sports site, one of Carolina Panthers QB Carr on sidelines . Actually, it's his comments which are funny, which you see about halfway down from the top of the page. I love this stuff! :lol:

Okay, the possibility of Belichic facing stronger actions, including suspension and removal are real, mainly because of his denial and stonewalling like Nixon did! :eek:

You can join a discussion on the NFC South.net BBS The preceding link will bring you right to the thread. If you'd like to join in, not just read, you can sign up for free as a member. Tell them New Riders (me) sent you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Buccaneers sign cornerback

The Bucs have signed CB Sammy Davis and released CB Anthony Madison, according to a news release. The team also released WR Chas Gessner, CB Carlos Hendricks and TE Matt Herian from the Injured Reserve list.

Davis rejoins the Buccaneers after originally signing with the team as a free agent on March 13, 2007. He spent the preseason with the Buccaneers before being released on September 2.

Madison was claimed off waivers on September 2. He was declared inactive in Tampa Bay’s season opener at Seattle.

In other news, WR Boston's run in with the Pinellas Park PD has raised the ire of some of the religious right, Tony Dungy loving, Jon Gruden hating readers over at the St. Pete times web site. That does explain a few things about the lynch mob surrounding Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen. Apparently, no man or player should receive a second chance. I disagree with this judgement. In fact, The Lord's Prayer, the model prayer for all Christian faith provides for forgiveness and second chances. So, some of you readers and writers over at the St Pete Times p[lease lose the holier than thou 'tude. Thank you.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dr. RonPaul Wins in Maryland

Arizona Sen. John McCain finished fifth in a 2008 presidential straw poll held by the Maryland Republican Party.

Libertarian-leaning, anti-war Texas Congressman Ron Paul was the top candidate in the 11-day straw poll. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was second in the poll, which asked Republicans to name their choice for 2008 presidential nomination. Former Senator and actor Fred Thompson was third and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in fourth.

McCain picked up 54 votes in the straw poll versus 263 for Paul and 230 for Giuliani.

Ron Paul is inspiring people and will win.