Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNabb, black and white

Okay, this is funny. Remember back a couple of years ago when right wing extremist neo-conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh made some racially insensitive comments. DMac pretty much ignored it, but I suspect he has a resentment. It should be against Limbaugh and his ilk; they preach to the lowest common denominator (LCD) of human kind. Unity of America is not their belief; more like divide and conquer. It's a war concept that is oft used in politics as well. Take A. Coulter, Limbaugh and a few others of the neo conservative tools, shake 'em up and you still got shit. They do not represent America, white or black; green or yellow.
The vast majority of football fans I believe like Donovan McNabb (DMac), so Donovan, please don't use the race card. It was Halfrican American (to quote Limbaugh) Bryant Gumble (who BTW is married to a white) who asked the leading question that was built on a prejudicial premise. Gumble is a tool looking to create a controversial story; that's what media folks like him do. :lol:

I was watching a sports channel and James Brown interviewed him and DMac wouldn't back off his stance.

Here's the deal, Donovan. Philly probably cut Garcia loose in part to show their faith in DMac. Many no doubt wish they still had him, esp. with your tendency to get injured. Philly is 0-2 and a very tough demanding sports town. Simple Donovan, you and your team suck right now. Period. End of story. Fix it. You might begin Mr. Campbell soup boy, by backing off your ridiculous assertion. Do it for yourself dude. Or do you think that Michael Vick does not deserve criticism?

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