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Nominees for 2007 Sports Board/Blog Post of 2007

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Well, I was unusually restless tonite, so I

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Anyway, if you'd like to nominate your own, have at it and have fun.  Panthers, Falcons and Saints fans invited too, even Nascar!  biggrin.gif

The other funny part I guess is that the thread started in August starts out by saying how bad Gruden and the Bucs will suck this year.

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2007 Sports Board post of the year

I clipped this from the transsexual, cross dressing corporate board. Not that there is anything wrong with that...but this was really good. Yes, I'm turning lemons into lemonade.
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Dude, a guy is criticizing the Bucs D all over the forum tonight. Where are you?!

Sorry I was in the Buc Cave changing the oil on the Bucmobile.


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

ESPN: Bucs, White, Sapp and Dunn

No, this is not a new law firm.

Warren Sapp Is Generous

Warren Sapp was visited by three ghosts last Sunday, and they all took the form of 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. He was so moved by their messages of "shut the fuck up" and "stop arguing with officials" that he left the game to contemplate his place in life. He returned several days later and announced that he was going to donate $75,000 to the NFL for them to buy Christmas turkeys for poor families and also to help cure Tiny Tim (Dwight).

In other ex-Bucs-now-with-awful-awful-teams news, Warrick Dunn does not want to retire with the taste of the 2007 season in his mouth.

"I can't go out like this," Dunn told the paper. "This is not the way I think anyone should go out. Any guy whose ever thinking about retiring and had to go through a situation like this, I don't think this is the way you should go out. You need to go out on better terms. I'll definitely come back next year and play football."

Mike Singletary is said to be one of the top candidates for the Falcons' head coaching job, meaning that Dunn would be coming back to another rookie head coach, except this one would be a defensive specialist. Wheee!!

Finally, in news that Buc fans have known for months but the national media is just now hearing about, Greg White had a front page piece on ESPN a couple days ago. Turns out people think he's pretty good. Who knew? Oh yeah, WE did. Len Pasquarelli must have lost a bet to write this article because he obviously didn't enjoy it. He takes every opportunity to downplay White's actual talent.

But there are a lot of players in the NFL, many of them with significantly higher profiles and fatter paychecks, who wouldn't mind copying the success of the modestly talented White.

An overnight sensation five years in the making, White ranks among the season's best stories, perhaps the player in the league who has come the closest in 2007 to literally maxing out his talents.

Jeez, Len, it's not like the guy is a one-armed midget or something. He does have some natural physical talent. Oh, and you spelled Jon Gruden's name wrong. Asshat.

Thanks for the nice read,


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Exclusive New England Patriots Spy Video Stolen From NFL

So, that's how they do it...hmmm.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

McKay failing as GM...again


Some Internet hack has set
forth on the case for Falcons owner Arthur Blank to follow
coach Bobby Petrino's resignation with a

termination of President and G.M. Rich McKay

Viewing it all objectively,
it's a no brainer. Someone needs to be accountable for the various and
significant embarrassments that the franchise has experienced in the past

That someone is McKay.

And the passage of time will,
we believe, vindicate the notion that McKay should be removed from his
position. Because we're convinced that, unless he can persuade his
former lieutenants Jerry Angelo and Tim Ruskell to take demotions to come to
Atlanta, the Falcons are going to continue to be uncompetitive.

But, for now, McKay will get
to hire his third head coach. The first one stoopidly ran his mouth
about coaching at his alma mater. The second one had an apparent flaw
of character. Though no one could have spotted the specific outcomes
of the Mora and Petrino eras without a crystal ball, folks who know how to
read people likely would have detected something via the vetting process
that would have stirred up a visceral concern about whether either man was
the right man for the job.

Then again, McKay also thought
it would be wise to give $37 million in guaranteed money to a
one-dimensional quarterback with a sense of entitlement so strong and so
warped that it prompted him to engage in an illegal and inhumane gambling
operation for six years.

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Bucs Gruden, not Dungy to join Elite company

TAMPA - Bucs coach Jon Gruden's
name is not always mentioned among the NFL's coaching elite, but his
resume makes a strong case for some well-earned recognition.

If Tampa Bay defeats Atlanta at home on Sunday, the Bucs will clinch
the NFC South. In addition, Gruden will claim his fifth division title
since 2000; he won division crowns in Oakland (2000-01) and Tampa Bay
(2002, 2005).

New England coach Bill Belichick currently has the most success with seven titles since 2000. Philadelphia's Andy Reid, Indianapolis' Tony Dungy, Seattle's Mike Holmgren
and Gruden will be tied at five after this season, assuming Tampa Bay
and Indianapolis win their divisions. The Patriots and Seahawks already
have clinched their respective divisions.

"I would rather win that second Super Bowl," Gruden said. "You want
to qualify for the playoffs, and you want to have a chance to compete
for a championship. I try to keep myself very shallow with these guys.
The pressure and all that stuff, everybody can handle.

"We've just got to take a good look at what we can do to improve,
keep improving and stay on the gas pedal in terms of improving. That's
what I'm most interested in."

Gruden is tied with John McKay (1979, 1981) with two division titles with Tampa Bay. Dungy had one (1999).

Although Gruden is only one victory from another title, his
reflection on the latest accomplishment will not occur until after this

"It's hard to win. There are a lot of teams that have not won a
division title in 10 years, 20 years," Gruden said. "You want to
qualify to win your division and make the playoffs and get a home-field
playoff game. It's a great step getting to the only bowl game in our

"I try not to get too deep or analytical with it. We need to win a
football game, and every game we've won has been hard-fought and
well-contested. We've got to find a way to win one more game."

Thanks Anwar. Who 'd thunk a fellow named Anwar would have a better grasp of what local football fans want to read? Me, that's who. Seems many of the local scribes are more interested in whatever negativity they can spin and spew. We want upbeat and entertaining information. Doh!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Gruden, Gruden Gruden!

By ANWAR S. RICHARDSON, The Tampa Tribune

Published: December 8, 2007

TAMPA - There could have been no greater sign of Tampa Bay's emerging unity than after last week's victory against New Orleans.

The players never gave up despite trailing by three points with less than four minutes remaining. Defensive line pressure forced Reggie Bush's bad toss on a reverse. Coach Jon Gruden showed faith in his players and went for it on fourth-and-1 with two minutes left. Backup quarterback Luke McCown then threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to forgotten tight end Jerramy Stevens to give the Bucs a 27-23 victory.

After the win, players in Tampa Bay's locker room unified for one exhilarating chant:

"Gruden! Gruden! Gruden!"

The show of support was from a group of players that loves their coach for believing in them. It's a group of players that has learned to believe in themselves and trust each other.

And most importantly, it was from, finally, a "team."

"That was awfully nice of those guys and whoever started the chant. It was probably my son," Gruden said. "We have a lot of interest in the same thing and these guys mean a lot to me. I think they know that, but I also expect a lot out of them. I think they were just happy as a staff that we showed confidence in our football team and let them go out there and do the things they are capable of doing.

"It was flattering, but I tried to put a stop to that as soon as possible. It's the players that are getting it done, and it will be the players who get it done if we are going to continue to win."

Tampa Bay's team concept has evolved primarily because of injuries.

Running back Earnest Graham emerged after Cadillac Williams was placed on injured reserve and Michael Pittman suffered a severe ankle injury. Left tackle Donald Penn evolved after Luke Petitgout's injury. Fullback B.J. Askew stepped in for Mike Alstott, who went on injured reserve in the preseason. Cornerback Phillip Buchanon has made 10 starts because of Brian Kelly's injuries. Gaines Adams has adequately replaced Greg Spires at defensive end. Maurice Stovall has become a special teams standout since Torrie Cox was placed on injured reserve. And McCown stepped up when quarterback Jeff Garcia could not play last week.

"With the attitude of Coach Gruden and the coaching staff and the work they put into preparation every single week, and how they come to work and give an all-out effort, for players not to match that in some way would be an extreme letdown - to our coaching staff, to our team and to this city," Garcia said. "I believe that players have been hungry for the opportunity to play ... and they're taking a no-looking-back attitude in a sense that they're trying to make the most of it."

A rare positive attitude by the local Tampa Bay area press about the Bucs. Props to Anwar.

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