Saturday, December 15, 2007

McKay failing as GM...again


Some Internet hack has set
forth on the case for Falcons owner Arthur Blank to follow
coach Bobby Petrino's resignation with a

termination of President and G.M. Rich McKay

Viewing it all objectively,
it's a no brainer. Someone needs to be accountable for the various and
significant embarrassments that the franchise has experienced in the past

That someone is McKay.

And the passage of time will,
we believe, vindicate the notion that McKay should be removed from his
position. Because we're convinced that, unless he can persuade his
former lieutenants Jerry Angelo and Tim Ruskell to take demotions to come to
Atlanta, the Falcons are going to continue to be uncompetitive.

But, for now, McKay will get
to hire his third head coach. The first one stoopidly ran his mouth
about coaching at his alma mater. The second one had an apparent flaw
of character. Though no one could have spotted the specific outcomes
of the Mora and Petrino eras without a crystal ball, folks who know how to
read people likely would have detected something via the vetting process
that would have stirred up a visceral concern about whether either man was
the right man for the job.

Then again, McKay also thought
it would be wise to give $37 million in guaranteed money to a
one-dimensional quarterback with a sense of entitlement so strong and so
warped that it prompted him to engage in an illegal and inhumane gambling
operation for six years.

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