Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NFL , Belichick , and Patriots

The situation with the National Football League is a lot worse than people realize, and the only one who seems to grasp this fully is commissioner Roger Goodell. You don't issue emergency orders backed by threats on Sunday morning of a game day, as Goodell just did regarding the New England Patriots' files of cheating information, unless the situation is a lot worse than people realize.

Belichick as Nixon? Greg Easterbrook spins a compelling story of 'The Patriot Act'
Frankly, he has some good points. If you scroll down, there are some entertaining cheerleader pictures if this is too heavy. Most people would rather stay in Denial.

Also, DJ Gallo, you know him from the Sports Pickle, posted some funny links to pictures on this popular sports site, one of Carolina Panthers QB Carr on sidelines . Actually, it's his comments which are funny, which you see about halfway down from the top of the page. I love this stuff! :lol:

Okay, the possibility of Belichic facing stronger actions, including suspension and removal are real, mainly because of his denial and stonewalling like Nixon did! :eek:

You can join a discussion on the NFC South.net BBS The preceding link will bring you right to the thread. If you'd like to join in, not just read, you can sign up for free as a member. Tell them New Riders (me) sent you!

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