Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Financial Bailout was a setup

Transfer of wealth to top 1% has brought back the ruling class, just as in third world countries. The rest are on the way to peasantdom
clipped from www.opednews.com
Now we have another ultimate insider, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the former chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group having his former company to be among the biggest beneficiaries of a $700 billion US bailout. We got Paulson's four pages of instructions for the bailout, which resulted in his chums getting huge dividends and spa vacations financed by the middle- and lower-class US citizens for allowing their businesses to fail!

In addition to giving Rove an opening to make the above lie, the GOP had another pretense ready for delivery. The GOP and McCain nonsensically pledged that Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae caused the crisis and that these entities were solely developed by the Democrats.

The GOP is all about duplicity. Karl must have read about Hitler's Big Lie concept and adopted it completely for his boy W.
clipped from www.opednews.com
Yes, the bailout has too many shared characteristics with the Iraq war.
there are small oligarchies whose members possess all of the riches -- similar to our top 1%. 
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