Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glucose levels

Is your fasting glucose levels too high?
from page 16, January 2004 issue of Life Extension magazine
 Throughout this section on "Killer Sugars", I have acted as if we all knew what our blood sugar was supposed to be. You have been told by your doctor that the range was "65 to 109 mg/dL". Life Extension magazine editor William Faloon presents a powerful case that such reference numbers are pure garbage. He presents his point with the observation that the pancreas, the body's main blood glucose level regulator, stops secreting insulin when glucose levels drop below 83 mg/dL, this data having been published in HARRISON'S PRINCIPLES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, Thirteenth Edition, McGraw Hill, 1994, pages 2001 - 2004. Faloon's point is that "the pancreas thinks glucose levels should be no higher than 83 mg/dL and certainly not as high as physicians say to be "normal", which is a reference range of "what is observed" in our sick population, and not what it would be in a healthy population.
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