Friday, October 19, 2007

Bucs vs. Lions preview

Game 7 Preview: Lions
Published: October 19th, 2007
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Five Things You Didn't Know About The Lions

1. Lions rookie guard Manny Ramirez is really tired of being asked how he balances his football and baseball careers. But coincidently, he doesn't give a shit how the season turns out, either.
2. Rod Marinelli once wrestled a bear. A real bear, not a furry gay guy. As far as I know. Hey, I'm not here to judge.
3. Shaun Rogers is being sued by a stripper who accuses him of groping her. Isn't that kind of like a waiter suing Rogers for asking for more ketchup?
4. Chris Cooley of the Redskins actually thanked the Lions for giving up in the second half of their game last week. The Lions would have responded to this criticism, but it seemed like too much work.
5. Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen was arrested in August for "suspicion of indecent and obscene conduct" because he was driving around nude. I'll give you the keywords, and you write your own joke: crankshaft, drive-thru, DUI, Explorer, Matt Millen, spare tire, stick-shift, tailpipe.

Had to post this here; that's pretty funny! Lol

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