Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GRUDEN=BAD, DUNGY=GOOD...per the Times

...according to Rick 'He hates me" Stroud. How does this guy keep his job?
clipped from www.bucnews.com

Of course, all this is leading up to a ridiculous anti-Gruden article from Rick Stroud. Stroud must have been sitting at his desk and racking his brain [sic] for an angle where he could criticize Jon Gruden despite a 9-7 record and a trip to the playoffs with an overflowing injured reserve list. Some media folk (Howie Long comes to mind immediately, as does the Times's own Gary Shelton) have even called this Gruden's finest year of coaching in his career. Then, Art Valero went to the Rams and took the opportunity to get some stuff off his chest.

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