Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sec. of State Katherine Harris' conflict of interest

Recount on HBO, the story of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris was a good portrayal of the2000 election controversy between V.P. Gore and George W. Bush campaigns.
P.S. Not surprisingly, she's a Bill Belichick and Patriots fan.
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There are excellent reasons for this recommendation. Following the contentious 2000 recount, e-mails on former Sec. of State Katherine Harris' computer revealed that she had been in contact with Jeb Bush during the recount, contrary to both their claims. Miami Herald reporter Meg Laughlin discovered that e-mail messages sent to Jeb Bush from Harris had been deleted after the recount. Harris then had the operating system of her computer changed, a procedure that erased all its data. "What was odd about what she did," said Mark Seibel, an editor at the Herald, "was that they installed an old operating system—not a new one—which makes you wonder why they did it."

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