Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Billlionaire Israel Hedgefund Crook Eludes Jailer

They'll probably never see him again!

Billionaire hedge-fund manager disappears on his way to prison

A disgraced former New York hedge-fund manager has sparked a nationwide manhunt after apparently faking his own suicide on the day he was due to report to prison to begin a 20-year sentence for fraud.

Samuel Israel III, a billionaire co-founder of the Bayou Group, is being sought by police after his car was found abandoned on the Bear Mountain Bridge in upstate New York with the words "suicide is painless" written into the dust on its bonnet.

The authorities said that no body had been found, and that they were keeping an "open mind". Mr Israel had been due to report to prison by 2pm on Monday after being sentenced in April for his role in a scheme to cheat investors of $450m (£230m).

Bruce Cuccia, a police investigator, said that no witnesses had seen anyone leave the vehicle or jump from the bridge, 40 miles north of New York. CCTV footage was inconclusive.

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