Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hate Mongering and Threats at GOP rallies investigated by S.S.

The Secret Service is investigating threats heard at GOP rallies for McCain and Palin toward the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama. "Say it ain't so, Sarah?"

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WASHINGTON - The Secret Service is looking into a second allegation that a participant at a Republican political rally shouted "kill him," referring to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reported that someone in the crowd shouted "kill him" after the mention of Obama's name during a rally Tuesday for GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin in Scranton, Pa.

Last week, The Washington Post reported a similar incident during a Palin rally in Clearwater, Fla. The Secret Service investigated that allegation and found no indication that "kill him" was ever said, or if it was said, that the remark was directed at Obama.

The anti-Obama taunts and jeers are noticeably louder when McCain appears with Palin, a big draw for GOP conservatives. She accused Obama last week of "palling around with terrorists" because of his past, loose association with a 1960s radical.

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