Thursday, October 23, 2008

Safe Mercury Amalgam removal

Do not want mercury to be swallowed.
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dental material is perfect.  The
resin and ceramic materials do not have the germ-killing effect of
mercury.  They require a more
thorough technique for correct placement. 
On the positive side, the resins or inlays are glued in place, and actually
strengthen the tooth.  This helps
avoid cracking.  If a composite
resin filling wears down, the entire filling does not have to be replaced, as
with amalgam.  The dentist may just
add another layer of resin to the filling.  Resin and ceramic fillings also match the color of your
teeth, producing a more aesthetic appearance.  An excellent book on the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings
is It's All In Your Head
, by Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS.

dentists exercise care when removing mercury amalgam fillings.  The ones generating the greatest
electrical currents should be removed first.  Also, care needs to be taken so that a minimum of mercury
ends up in the patient's body due to the removal process
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