Saturday, February 3, 2007

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Mozilla Firefox Headed for Primetime

Firefox fans create and sponsor videos on TV

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – Dec. 11, 2006 – For the first time, Mozilla is introducing Firefox to TV viewers by airing four fan-produced videos beginning tonight. Firefox fans are helping Mozilla sponsor the airtime for this trial. The videos are a sampling of approximately 300 clips submitted to Mozilla’s Firefox Flicks program, which encouraged professionals, students, and aspiring filmmakers to create 30-second spots about the acclaimed Web browser. The videos creatively portray what makes Firefox the safest, fastest and most enjoyable way to experience the Web.

“The Firefox community has rallied around this project by creating some amazing videos and is now helping sponsor four of these clips on primetime TV,” said Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s director of community development. “We’ll be able to reach millions of people who may not yet realize how their Web browser can affect their online experience.”

The set of videos selected to air in this test include “Billy’s Browser,” “Web for All,” “Daredevil” and “This Is Hot”. T...
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Carson's comment: If film making or editing on your windows xp interest you, Firefox will help you get their through their intuitive and integrated web browser.
Get on the web 2.0 platform with Firefox. SAFER, SECURER, FASTER, BETTER

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