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AGLOCO Members Speak Out - Even More

AGLOCO Members Speak Out - Even More

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In my last post, I mentioned a few great comments Members had made. Here are a few more. Keep in mind that if I don’t get to yours, it’s because there are often too many good comments for me to say something about all of them.

Jim Martin said,
“As far as becoming an instant millionaire, that is certainly not why I joined. I understand this venture as a very forward looking and unique concept. Hopefully with time, patience and hard work agloco will become a great company that can afford to pay well.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

I found this inspiration to me as a part of the Management team. There are many ups and downs in a startup and sometimes it’s helpful to remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. As Founding Members, keep this in mind. The network will grow. The Viewbar will arrive. The payouts will come. Right now we’re setting the foundation to make this Economic Network not only viable, but wildly successful.

GWT said,
“I have been involved as a founder in more than one start up and I agree that being a member of AGLOCO now is much like being a founder of a pre-launch company. Lots of problems — and lots of upside opportunity.”

We like to think that we give our Members an unprecedented look into the pre-launch decisions and activities of the company. When problems arise (as they do in any start-up), our Members see them. In most other companies, these issues have been ironed out for months or years before anyone has even heard of them. As for upside opportunity, there is a lot of money floating around the Internet, and we intend to claim it on our Members’ behalf.

Simon said,
“Hi Brian
Thank you for the regular updates they are appreciated. I wondered if Agloco has anything in place relating to rehabilitation of members … only I find myself totally addicted to it!!
I regularly wake in the night & have the overwhelming urge to check my stats. Does the Betty Ford clinic do treatment for this sort of thing I wonder? !%*!”

We on the management team have asked ourselves these same questions :)

Here is some information adapted from comments I put up regarding how your AGLOCO hours are accumulated:

AGLOCO Official said,
“As we mention on the website, we pay you for up to five hours of ‘active browsing’. That’s because when you are actively surfing the web, you are providing value for AGLOCO, and this is what AGLOCO pays you for. At present it will be defined as the Member 1) Having a browser as the active application on your screen and 2) Showing some activity. We set the monthly limit to five hours, low enough that we felt the vast majority of Internet users would have no difficultly reaching it. The Viewbar will become useful even when not actively surfing, but not very many of those features will be in version 1.0.

The reason for this is that, in order for AGLOCO to make sense economically, it needs to know that its Viewbar communications are going to people who are actively engaged with their ‘screen’ and the Internet. There is no ‘free lunch’ in the real economy and AGLOCO will not be the exception to this. In order to have money to distribute to Members, AGLOCO will need to have revenue coming in. The website gives a nice overview of this and I blogged about one channel of revenue “transactions” a couple of weeks ago.

So, things like chatting on a website, surfing the net, or playing an Internet game are almost always going to be time towards the five hours. VOIP is a bit different. You could use VOIP and not be engaged with your screen (and with remote Skype phones you might not even be in the same room). So VOIP by itself without some evidence that the Member is engaged with their screen would probably not qualify toward the five hours. After Viewbar 1.0 we will test how effective the Viewbar is when people are on IM and some other non-browser programs that connect to the Internet, and if it is effective we will add that as well. But because the total monthly hours is now set at only 5 we did not think it would be much of a burden to collect these hours using your browser.

It seems that we can do a better job of making this clear, so we will work to add the ‘active surfing’ definition in a more prevalent website location. Thanks for pointing out the potential area of confusion.”

Thanks again to our Members for continuing the great questions and comments!

Brian Greenwald

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Go ahead sign up while you are thinking about. Joining Agloco
..may just be the best and easiest decision you ever made. I will continue to cover developements through the launch of the Agloco viewbar in March, and beyond!

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