Thursday, February 8, 2007

Today I went for a walk

It was beautiful here in Florida , so we went for a walk at Dunes beach park. Took the dog, and he loved it! I might some real interesting people, and am creating a buzz about, well watch the video. Click the little arrow in the center of the video player below!

The man is explaining some things about Agloco and he has a bit on an accent (from a western perspective) anyway. It's about three minutes long, so enjoy and prosper.
The lord has given a gift, so I will act on it. More on that tomorrow.
I'll be posting a great picture that was done in the studio of the little bugger.
I went out and bought some business cards and will be promoting locally, hand to hand the old fashion way. I am focused on being a leader being so early to catch the wave. I think there are a people starving for an opportunity to work from home, doing something they like and passing t forward.
Needed someone that knows Excel to do a small mailing. Other computer skills
are also good, no programming necessary. I know some html., and that is all I need for now . I actually prefer publishing and promoting and writing. It will be low pay, but you'll learn in the process. Perhaps even share in my new empire. If you are familiar with the Mozilla Firefox browser, especially their new ftp program add on ...
I'll make one of those buttons to join my network. Enough of my babble, the matrix is forming.
We have a saying here in Central Florida, beaches backyards and barbeques, or BBBQ8629. That helps me to remember as well.Write down that pass code, you may need it inside the AgloCo host server. The network is there awaiting.
Get on board now.

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