Monday, February 26, 2007

Full Time Bloggers Make $2000 -$4000 a month

I came across this post surfing yesterday. I have no link for this at present(see title). So if you like posting, blogging, why not make some money while doing it. You can pretty much post about whatever you want. Look, I started blogging at Google Guru's and Internet Marketing Follies
even though I have changed the name of the blog to Google Agloco and Local communities. Back then, I was totally overwhelmed with information overload. I didn't post steadily, in fact dropped off the planet. Anyway, their is a system to it, and November 2005 is light years a way in internet time. Back then, I spent hundreds of USD On software application and other informational products. I was One of those information junkies, I am now in recovery(see crumby picture on left). Doing much better, thank you. If you want to make some money with your PC,
  1. you don't need a website, although I highly recommend it . The one key I've found to prevent information overload is to
  2. keep things together, in one place. Utilize folders wisely.
  3. KISS...keep it simple stupid. At least at the start.
  4. Utilize tools and technology. I purchased OTO Goldmine yesterday from S Raamakant. I've been a reader of his newsletter for a good amount of time. Some of the testimonials on his sales copy page are like the who's who if internet marketing top guns; names like Mike Filsamine and Russell Brunson (a college wrestler and recent college graduate). Look I am no genius, but know a great deal when I see one). Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, every toool to get You to the next level is included. I joined for free then upgraded for less than the cost of a nice solo meal out. Literally, thousands of USD went inot the developement of this software. However, because it's digital, the cost for delivery is cheap; thus you are getting a great deal.
  5. My recommendation; sign up for free at OTO Goldmine
  6. Read the offer carefully, you'll get one shot at it. That's what a one time offer(OTO) is! Put a link in your blog, and you can promote for free to friends and family and your list if you have one. In fact, you can use some free tools to create one.
  7. Get a Wordpress blog. You'll be able to use more coding and have more freedom on a Wordpress blog.
  8. Install the Firefox browser for added security and web 2.0 adaptability(read:many useful extensions). I'll post more on security issues later.

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