Monday, February 5, 2007

Power ...Inspired..

Power Inspired

A simple post today. The commercial we know ask;"What's in your wallet". The inference is power. The real power lies your ability to act on it. To do that you need inspiration. Go to and watch the flash video. You need macromedia flash or other flash program installed, you may download it free from that site. You probaly already have it on your pc if using windows xp or 98. It takes less than 5 minutes to watch.

When you are done that, join the AGLOCO inspiration if you choose here,

Get your power, get inspired.

Then enter this code as referred by when prompted.

Follow the prompts. Congrats, you are on my A Team.I have a small list right now, so, I will be able to give some personal attention. Thank you.

Now get your own code; post a comment or e mail be back. Start spreading the word.
I'm off to to get some power back after being inspired .
TIP: When searching for my friend Morgan's site, you may also enter the term "God" in the Google search box. Morgan's site will be the second one (after the wikipedia entry)on the first page of Google.

Power inspired

Two step action plan.

Power inspired
Here's the link to Morgan's page

PS. two presentations,click the website on left. Keyword : God
Power, inspired.

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