Friday, February 2, 2007

AGLOCO get paid to surf

global community Alert

Living across the intracoastal waterway from a famous surfing beach, New Smyrna Beach, most here consider 'surfing' as water surfing. A top team of Stanford (West Coast ivy league grads)have resurfaced after originally having a go at it in 1999. The program paid out over 100 million before the dot com bubble burst, was called All Alliance. The time was not right for a search engine people company to challenge Google , yahoo and MSN. The time is now for many reasons.

Go there and look around and sign up for free. Do it now while your thinking about it. Have your children (over 18)help with the family income by turning on the viewbar
5 hours a month for maximum pay, and that's it.
Have your Mama sign up and sign up under her to help give a passive retirement income. With all the threats we have today to governments, security and survival, this is one thing you need to do. Buid a network. Contact at least 200 people and help at least 10. Make it community, global, a fund raiser; imagine the possiblities.

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