Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sometimes Free Is Too Expensive

Sometimes Free Is Too Expensive

Subject: Sometimes free is too expensive

Ever notice on the Internet that some people are making all the money (YouTube, Google, MySpace, eBay, Skype, etc.).

As users, we usually get nothing – well I just joined AGLOCO and its sole purpose is to get its members their share of the value created on the Internet (that’s everything from search and advertising revenue to user-generated content sites).

You can check out the site to see how AGLOCO does it, but from my standpoint I just use the Internet the same as usual, and they work in the background to collect money for me.

One feature I really like is that they reward the early people who help build out the network (which is why I am sending you this update). Click on this link to go directly AGLOCO (with my member ID number) BBBQ8629 , and I will get credit if you sign up.<

My advice: sign up now – invite all your friends and let's make the most of the Internet.

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