Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have You Seen Any Good Videos Lately?

Here's some highlights of the email from one of my marketing
friends and I had to tell you about what she's
working on. (No, this is NOT all about another
great product either! Just wait 'til you hear!)

About 2 months ago, she had organized a group of
newbie internet marketers and trained them in all
areas of running a promotion online.

She taught them everything from product creation
to her specialty, joint ventures.

That first product was really impressive ...
especially for a group of newbies.

But today she told me that the group has moved on
to their SECOND product and she claimed to be
blown away by what they had created.

You've gotta understand, it takes an awful lot to
blow me away, but since I respect this marketer,
I decided to check it out. It includes videos.

Reviews of the most reputable affiliate systems where you can find products worth promoting and which are monitored by a third party service that will make sure you receive your commissions.

Traffic exchanges and how you can use them to promote your business.

How to recognize pyramid schemes, matrix programs, binary systems, and other marketing programs you must avoid or risk losing your shirt while making someone else rich at your expense.

How to recognize internet scams, phishing attacks, and other con games.

Free resources you can consult to see if a company is legitimate.

How to protect yourself against internet credit card fraud and identity theft.

How to report a scam if you are victimized, and where to get help.

How to cut through the baloney and recognize business opportunity and investment hype, and internet scams.

How to properly use internet auctions and protect yourself from auction fraud.

How a web site can help you with your internet business.

Domain names and your web site.

What is web hosting and how to get your web site hosted.

Where you can get your web site hosted free, to help your get started.

Where you can get free templates and banners for building attractive web pages.

Where you can get free webmaster tools and widgets to make your web site more interesting.

But this is what really caught my attention.

I am donating all profits from our group's sales of this training program to charity to benefit the victims of the recent tornadoes in Florida, so you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping your fellow man.

This comprehensive training program is being offered at a ridiculously low cost but only for a short time, to benefit the tornado victims. This is a special event and a limited time offer - if you come back later it may no longer be available.

SO I bought it myself, with private label resale rights, or PLR Master rights. You can put your own name on it, change the graphics, whatever you want.

You can get it now, and help the homeless and
suffering from the Florida tornado. Sweeet.

Almost forgot to mention, it goes up 5 cents every hour. What with covering everything from security, to setting up list servers and camtasia videos, and a lot more, you almost certainly know someone , probaly in your own family who will benefit from this. Might even make a downloadable instant 'Happy Valentine's Day' gift. So, get it now, and help the homeless and
suffering from the Florida tornado. Sweeeet.
It's going in my reference library, and will be partly printed for my trip to Georgia. I 'gotz' to get some peaches, and it will be great reading that way as well.
The PLR resale rights will be an optional add on . Just think of the million of people coming on line every week, looking for an opportunity, and no nothing about 'internets' or computers. And since this is so new, you'll be the very first ones getting this, if you opt to. It will be a one time offer (OTO) that will cost about a Pizza Hut large pizza, so don't sweat it.
Look, these resale rights use to cost hundreds of Yankee dollars years ago. Somebody, with some clout is passing a gift. Now it's your choice. Or you can continue to buy $5 dollar e book and make someone else rich, and still not have a clue. So, please hurry, and help the homeless and
suffering from the Florida tornado And yourself too. Sweeeeet. Thank you. Pass it forward.

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